What are Max Sites? How can “Max Site” help you make money?

Max sites are innovative sites created by MaxLife that targeting to different market segments. With Google AdSense implanted in the sites, we will pay advertising fees based on the number of page views of the sites. As the sites mature, they will generate steady income in the long run.

We help you design the site you want.

Using Google ads to make cash is the choice of millions of websites and has proven feasible. Including many well-known websites

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Frequently asked questions

Max Go Digital is a platform build, promote & maintain quality website 

The idea is to help people to involve in online business by earning passive income through ads revenue.

Max Sites are ads-revenue- sharing sites created by MaxLife targeting at different markets and different regions. 

The Max Site member is entitled to the following benefits: 

  1. Share commission generated from the subscribed Max Site/s.
  2. Earn 20% referral fee by referring Max Sites.

Max Site is membership fee is priced differently according to the targeted market.

The membership will be  terminated once you stop paying the subscription.

The Max Site member can transfer his/her membership by paying $100 transfer fee.

How it works

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Subscribe to one of the Max Sites

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Get monthly Ads Revenue

You will receive your share of ads revenue when the subscribed Max Site hits pageview target per month

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passive income

As the Max Sites grow, you will share the commission generated by the Max Sites and earn referral fee by referring the Max Sites.

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